His Lectures and Presentations

Professor Anthony Nobles has lectured and presented materials at conferences and events around the world in the fields of biomedical engineering, neuro surgery and cardiac and vascular procedures. One fact about Professor Nobles is that he came from a non-traditional educational background. He just simply uses his knowledge and experiences that he developed over the years of building technologies and make them evolved to become new and have innovative applications. He is indeed one of the most unique individuals in the medical device industry. Anthony Nobles' engineering background and close working relationships with doctors and surgeons made him that extraordinary. Because of his rare perspective on his industry, he felt that it is really important to share and pass the knowledge he has gained over the years he spend on his career. Recently, Professor Nobles spend most of his time, knowledge and experiences at West Saxon University in Zwickau, Germany for being a great Professor of Biomedical Engineering. anthonynoblesenterprises.wordpress.com has various tutorials related to professor nobles.

Professor Anthony Nobles has been spending his time and sharing his knowledge by doing lectures and presentations at the American College of Surgeons, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Society of Vascular Surgery, the University of California at Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Chapman University, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School and the International Society of Neurology and Neurological Surgeons. He also even holds and allowing appointments as being one of the National Board of Advisors for Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Some of his selected lectures, scientific papers and presentations started from the year 1988 up to the year 2010 in the said Universities and Colleges regarding to the different topics in line with medical studies and devices obviously.

 About the Patents

There are numerous patents and patent applications Professor Anthony Nobles have been holding for his inventions and technologies that ranges from the fields of cardiac, endoscopic, neuro and vascular surgery, to women's health, electrical engineering and formula 1 racing. Anthony Nobles is the listed inventor on patents both issued by the USPTO and foreign patent issuing authorities in abroad. Anthony Nobles' several companies owns various rights and licenses to utilize technologies he designed over the years he has been working and being on the industry. You can find the list of patents utilized by each of Anthony's companies on the company's individual "Patents" page.

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