Do you want the best contractor for an Air conditioning Kent? Here are the things that you need to avoid so you can hire the best contractor and you’ll be able to save money as well. Check the tips below:

All contractors are the same

Oops! That’s not true. Don’t assume that all contractors are the same even though they price their service the same. Some contractors may not have the license and insurance needed for their work, which means that they can be lack of training. So, assuming that they are the same can be a big problem.

Skip reviews and testimonials

Air conditioning contractors are expert in upselling their business. It means that they can tell you every good thing that they can think about their service. You may say yes right away but that’s a shortcut to disaster. When choosing a contractor, don’t forget to check the reviews about the company and even the testimonials about it. You must get the opinion of other people to help you assess if the contractor is the right contractor for the job.

Bid over the phone

If you’re scouting for a contractor, bidding over the phone can be helpful at some point. Especially when you’re trying to choose the lowest bid among the options you have. However, don’t settle for the bid over the phone. The contractor still needs to see the air conditioning unit before providing you the final pricing. It’s not easy to give the final solution if the contractor is not able to see the entire situation. Also, if the contractor checks the unit, hidden charges will be avoided.

Labor warranty

Always ask the scope of the labor warranty offered by the contractor. The same way you check the coverage of the warranty of the new unit. You must be able to check it before you buy a unit or hire a contractor.

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