Families against families.  This is just how the battles become more interesting in GTA free download.  Let’s see whose family side you are with.  Check on the top 5 families below.

1. Vercetti Crime Family

They are a very influential organization in the game.  Their leader, Tommy Vercetti, is a known deserter of Forelli family.  Their gang is notoriously involved in several illegal activities such as pornography, drug deals, forgery and extortion. More information on GTA 5 Download on gtadownload.org.


2. Forelli Crime Family

They served as main faction of rival in Vice City.  Tommy Vercetti usually does the killing of some important mobs for this family but he got ambushed by several men and was imprisoned.  Turned out, Sonny Forelli, the Don of this gang, was the one who arranged the Tommy’s misfortune.  Tommy gets his revenge by killing Sonny.  After Sonny’s death, he was succeeded by his brother Marco Forelli.  The Forellis used to work for the Leone crime family but then they decided to found their own gang with no known reasons.

3. Leone Crime Family

This organization also comes in the name of “The Mafia”.  The Leones have much resemblance to Corleone Family in the movie The Godfather which also shows their affiliation in gambling.  This family plays secondary rival in GTA 3.  Salvatore Leone is the Don of this organization.

4. Gambetti Crime Family

This mob is known to be the strongest and powerful in Liberty City GTA Free Download.  Sonny Cangelosi was the leader of this organization until 1978.  After Cangelosi’s death, he was succeeded by his nephew Jon Gravelli.  Their family business includes bus lines and window cleaning services – which is highly profitable.

5. Ancelotti Crime Family

The leader of this gang is Giovanni Ancelotti.  One would notice that they are the most heavily starred and appeared mostly in several plots in the game.  Despite of their characters’ strong physical appearance, they are also known to be weak which leads them to hire Albanian Mob.

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