Sims 4 is arguably one of the best games that will totally eat up all your time and assure you that there will be no more boring days in the future. The game has been out for years but surprisingly, there are only a few players who were able to catch some easter eggs in the game. Like did you know that Sims 4 has secret neighborhoods? Here are two of them and how to get there:

Forgotten Grotto

The Forgotten Grotto is one of these secret neighborhood and it is a beautiful secluded area featuring glowing crystals and fishing spots inside a mountain. A best laptop for sims 4 must have a Level 10 in Handiness in order to be able to find it. You can accomplish this by letting your Sim read a lot of books. Once you reach this level, send your Sim to the Desert Bloom Park. There is a mysterious mine shaft door in the area and if your Sim is ready, the door can be opened.

Sylvan Glade

A secret neighborhood that you can unlock without having to master any skill is the Sylvan Glade. Send your Sim to the Crick Cabana lot located in Willow Creek. There is a unique tree in the space next to the lot and when you click on it, you will get the option “View it”. Click on this repeatedly and a series of strange messages will appear. Your Sim will climb inside the tree trunk after.

The Sylvan Glade is a fantasy themed area with lots of blossoming trees and flowers and lots of pink – any girl would love to stay there. But despite all the pink and floral goodness, when you approach the top right bushes in the area, you will see a pair of red eyes that will disappear with laughter immediately. Sims 4 is the best virtual escape you can get from the real world. Make sure that you play the game with the best laptop for sims 4 for maximum fun.

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