One of the popular 1950s Shoes for men are those made of leather, whether they come in boots, oxford, or slip on styles.  These designs influenced our modern shoes today.  Aside from being durable and long lasting, leather shoes are usually preferred among businessmen as formal and corporate attire.

Did you know that wearing 1950s Shoes – Leather Made have great benefits? Let’s find it out!


Yes, you heard it right! Leather can breathe.  It allows air to pass through the material.  It lets your feet cool and prevents them from having foul smell. has more information on the 50's shoes.


Leather shoes are definitely durable.  Unlike synthetic materials, leather is truly long lasting and could save you from buying another pair of shoes.  You don’t have to worry especially when you do a lot of walking during the day.

Easy to Clean

Fortunately, there are shoe polish today that can be easily bought anywhere.  This makes your pair of leather shoes easy to clean ang maintain its good looks whenever your wear them.

Water Resistance

Most leather shoes today are treated or waxed that made them resistant against water and other liquids.  Sometimes, we need to get out for work while you wear leather shoes.  Being water resistant makes your feet stay dry even when your shoes might get soaked in water.

Comfortable to Wear

Leather shoes are soft and sometimes follow the shape of your feet.  There are also shoes that are made to order and leather is usually one of the primary material.  Such material is comfortable to use even for long walks.


Some synthetic materials are damaging to the environment during the time they are being processed.  Leather materials are natural; thus it doesn’t harm your surroundings.  No harmful chemicals were added just to achieve that durable and good-looking shoes.

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