Are you looking at starting to podcast?  Do you need a cheap yet efficient podcast microphone as a beginner equipment?

With the overall packaging and the appearance of the Blue Yeti podcast microphone, the Yeti is best for you.  Easy to use being illustrated by simple diagrams and explanations, the Blue Yeti will give you the privilege of starting recording straightaway. By just plugging the Blue Yeti, you are on your way to recording without worrying about anything else. More information on podcast microphone on



The exterior made entirely of steel, the well built Blue Yeti microphone has a mini-USB port and a headphone jack at the base of the mic.  There is a heft with rubber non-skid pads at the base as well to keep the mic still.  As the Blue Yeti microphone has a threaded base, you can attach this microphone to any standard microphone stand to stabilize the mic.


Accepting a standard 3.5mm headphone with a real-time monitoring feature, you can hear the sounds on the audience in real-time.  The headphone volume is also adjustable through a knob on the microphone.  There is also an LED-illuminated mute button on top of the volume knob.

Having different sound capture patterns, you can have the option of choosing the best option for your specific needs.  There is a gain knob as well in order for you to adjust the loudness being captured by the mike.  This allows you to have a clean recording at a shorter time in adjusting the sound effect after your recording. 


Designed for ease of use, using the Blue Yeti is as easy as plugging it in a computer.  If you’re using Windows 10, the Yeti Blue software is automatically installed when  you connect your Yeti.  After plugging it in, you can automatically choose the Yeti to be your primary audio input.

A durable looking podcast microphone, the Blue Yeti is an equipment which can capture the voice accurately.  Check this product if you want a decent sound quality at an affordable price.

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