According to AmbarsihmitraBlippar is there to help out. Blippar is a sort of tool to help you see augmented reality. It is something that can be the cry from the future, something that will truly help advance the way people see things in this world. There are a lot of things that blippar can help out and it is up to the people that are involved on it, that are using it to make the most out of it and in the process, explore the things that it can do. So far, it has been said to do quite a lot as mentioned below: You can find more details on ambarish mitra blippar on the site ambarishmitra.

Novel reading

One of the things that it is said to help out would be novel reading in class which can become more interactive with your students if you try to use Blippar. After all, it is an augmented version of reality and would make it feel like the novel you are reading with your class is more alive than normal, more enjoyable, and in the process a whole lot more fun as well.

Story telling

Another thing is that it can help tell a better story. If you are the one telling the story, Blippar would give you a new point of view or a new outcome on how you can tell your story. It would help you to shape things better and express your thoughts a whole lot better just as well.

New reality

Lastly, what you need to understand is that Blippar will make you see a different reality than you know, it would help you out to see things on a new light. It will show you that there is more to the world than what you know, there is more to things than everything that you see all around you.

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