Does it not sound unfamiliar that if someone is asking about the dragon names for the stories or the fantasy movies or anything that comes in the mind with the specific purpose? I guess everyone must have the different point of view if has ever been through what makes so special a giant creature or the fire spewing or something else. No one can be clear with the object until he is not aware of it that why is he looking for a name for the character which needs to be penned. Before adding something extra in this exceedingly critique I want to put you across the picture in your own mind why would you admire a dragon for your fantasy stories I suppose you must have got the well defined reason.

Going across any science fiction fantasy movie or the story you must have realized what a dragon does when it comes in the moment lot of fire gigantic roaring and make the opponent disappeared. For naming down your dragon what should be chosen if you have not ever thought about it certainly you will be finding yourself stuck and come across Google will be only option. Here I want you to suggest something if you are writing a story based on the dragon;

  • To name your dragon needs a lot of specified information that probably make sense according to the story.
  • Giving a name like Ruth the red dragon must be an option but you have to choose a best suitable one.
  • While selecting a name you can prefer the story of dragon there you will be able to know something outstanding and easy to be spoken by the audiences.
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