Does it not sound unfamiliar that if someone is asking about the dragon names for the stories or the fantasy movies or anything that comes in the mind with the specific purpose? I guess everyone must have the different point of view if has ever been through what makes so special a giant creature or the fire spewing or something else. No one can be clear with the object until he is not aware of it that why is he looking for a name for the character which needs to be penned. Before adding something extra in this exceedingly critique I want to put you across the picture in your own mind why would you admire a dragon for your fantasy stories I suppose you must have got the well defined reason.

Going across any science fiction fantasy movie or the story you must have realized what a dragon does when it comes in the moment lot of fire gigantic roaring and make the opponent disappeared. For naming down your dragon what should be chosen if you have not ever thought about it certainly you will be finding yourself stuck and come across Google will be only option. Here I want you to suggest something if you are writing a story based on the dragon;

  • To name your dragon needs a lot of specified information that probably make sense according to the story.
  • Giving a name like Ruth the red dragon must be an option but you have to choose a best suitable one.
  • While selecting a name you can prefer the story of dragon there you will be able to know something outstanding and easy to be spoken by the audiences.
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Defense of the Ancients 2 or DOTA 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games today. While player count isn’t as high as it used to be, the game is still big. Now in terms of gameplay, a lot of people are finding it hard to improve their ranks and gaming skills in DOTA 2. There are even those that resort to dota 2 boosting services to improve their ranks which is fine of course. Now if you want to get better at DOTA 2 here are the things that you should do.

How to get better at DOTA 2

  • First you should know every hero in the game or at least a lot of them. You don’t need to play all of them but find out what their skills do so that you’ll know how to counter them.
  • That’s another thing where you should focus on a few heroes at the moment. There’s no harm in having a limited hero pool since DOTA 2 has a lot of heroes to choose from.
  • You can also choose to stick to one or two roles for the time being but being flexible later on is also a good thing.
  • In terms of the actual game, you need to be responsive in certain ways. Game reflexes and counter plays can take you a long way.

Just a few things to consider

  • Now of course teamwork is also important but if you’re playing alone you can que up with other people that you normally wouldn’t play with so working together can be hard but it can be helpful.
  • Just keep on practicing if you feel your skills aren’t as good yet. There is an AI mode for the game where you can play against computer enemies. Getting better at DOTA 2 takes time but you’ll get there eventually.


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As the history tell us that people are born to travel and we cannot deny that. All over the world there are so many reason why we need to travel. It can be done traveling by sea, land, and air. Some other people travel to gain knowledge and idea, some travel because of acquiring something from other places and so many other reasons. offers some in-depth insights on Primera Air.

In today’s generation people learn to travel from each other. We need something that gives us hint on what do we need when we travel. So many travel blogs pull themselves to create this site to provide knowledge and idea when traveling from departure until destination. One of this is the Swedish blog, this blog helps you to take some hints on how to travel safe and secure.

Swedish blogger create so many write ups and photographs to show us how to travel safe, effective and more cheaper way to travel from any places in the world. This will help everyone, experienced or new to traveling adventures.

When you travel you need to move from relatively distant in any geographical destinations and sites. This movement can involve travel by foot, bicycle, automobile or airplane. One way to travel fast is by airplane which is very time saving way of travelling. Primera air is a leisure airplane that provides scheduled air travel services, and flights for tour operators and charter flights. In this case it is very helpful for you to take this advantage to have more comfortable and pleasing travel across every border of every country.

Travelling today is very concise because of primera air. It helps you when getting tickets without hassle indulging in longlines waiting to be catered in ticketing outlets. With the use of primera air you can easily get your scheduled flight without any hassle and complications.

When you are travelling in different countries nowadays, it is very convenient for you using the hints from Swedish travel blog and use the acquired knowledge from them in booking a hotel room for you to stay. Today, most of the hotels local and international are already introduce online for costumer’s convenient and easy booking schedule. In fact, even some resorts and travel sites are starting using this kind of method to get along with the fast pace of modern technology. So it is not very long process for you to set up your next goal in traveling.

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 A nice San Jose BMW motorcycleor any kind of brand can always be a good piece of item to own. It is convenient to ride one and get to places with ease. The other thing is that most motorcycles aren’t that expensive to buy. They aren’t that cheap as well but most people can get a motorcycle much easier than getting a car. Now when you do have a motorcycle it is your responsibility to take care of it. Much like a car it can be a hassle when a motorcycle gets damaged or broken and here are ways how. You can find more details on San Jose BMW motorcycle on the site

How to take care of your motorcycle

l  First of all you should just ride safely and smartly. There are those that ride recklessly and you shouldn’t do that. Just ride safely but not necessarily slowly. Motorcycles can squeeze into tight spaces but that can be dangerous and not only can your motorcycle be damaged but you can get hurt as well.

l  Then you should clean your motorcycle from time to time. No need to douse it in water but be sure to clean the key spots. Plus watch out for the gas container since you wouldn’t want water and soap to get into it.

l  Then have your motorcycle checked from time to time especially if you think that it isn’t functioning as normal.

Why take care of your motorcycle

l  Your safety of course is what you need to consider. You wouldn’t want your motorcycle to break down when you’re riding it on the road and that can be dangerous.

l  The other case could be more on the aesthetic side. You wouldn’t want people to see a dirty motorcycle. It isn’t a car so you don’t need to worry about off smell since it isn’t enclosed.

 Take good care of your motorcycle so that you can ride safely and soundly.

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